Each year, Christian Schools are asked this question, “Are you an accredited school?” This question will become more important in the next few years, due to the major changes taking place in the Educational System, and the voucher programs proposed by State and Federal governments.

The National Association of Private Theological Institutions has been organized in order that Private and Christian Schools give an affirmative answer to the question of accreditation. Certified Member Status is earned through academic, technical, and overall excellence. An experienced educational peer group evaluates each school by professional educators who appreciate and understand the uniqueness of your educational programs and ministry.

Schools earning Certified Member Status through the National Association of Private Theological Institutions will appreciate the attainment of status and recognition. Certification is a tribute to the fact that the Staff and Faculty of your school are effectively motivating students and operating a high quality educational program.

In the Private School sector certification is optional. However, many schools have seen the need for this status and have asked for a specialized Certification Program – a program geared towards the Private Christian School. They see this certification as both needed a necessity and an advantage to their school. Community and Constituency will appreciate this commitment to excellence.


The National Association of Private Theological Institutions:
NAPTI is an association of Private Schools and Educators organized to assist Private Christian Schools establish third-party witness to the credibility of their performance.


Standards will be qualitative, in contrast to quantitative. That is, certification will be determined more by the quality of achievement, rather than by the number of tools used in the process.


Educational and spiritual peers will make measurements of achievement (Professional Educators who are also members of the Family of Faith) – the kind of people whose approval a Christian School seeks. Although there is often no relevance in the judgments of one who is alien to a system, there is relevance in approval of one’s peers. Inasmuch as peers will make possible, On-Site Visit/Certification Evaluations most closely related, both philosophically and geographically.

Each school, upon receiving their certification, may be asked to evaluate other schools by on-site evaluation.


NAPTI certification will be largely determined by a comparison between the school’s published claims and it’s actual achievements. For instance, if a school claims to produce one year of academic growth in each student, there should be documents on file to prove that result. “Does the school accomplish what it promises?” will be the polar star of the NAPTI inquiry.


NAPTI will, at the appropriate time, cooperate with other agencies whose affiliation would be beneficial to our common purpose.


The National Association of Private Theological Institutions was established to Certify and Recognize Christian Educational Institutions that have achieved a level of excellence and expertise, and have established a credible reputation in the Educational community.

Each Certified Member School’s basic educational program must be consistent with academic success. Certification standards must be met on an annual basis.


Each educational institution approved for certification must submit the following:

    A one-page explanation of the school’s educational philosophy and mission statement. The school’s educational philosophy and mission statement must hold to the belief, instruction and practice of traditional Biblical values and basic educational skills. These are central in helping a student to learn respect for the qualities of life needed to attain true success and be a productive citizen.
    Upon certification, the school is required to submit an Internal Self-Study Questionnaire annually for certification. The school must also maintain an updated Accreditation Verification Binder, which was required at the time of certification for review at any time. NOTE: Certification Binders are to be submitted annually no later than December 31.
    A full explanation of required topics, which give credibility to the school’s program.
    Confirmation of Credibility is to be provided by each school by sending required items of certification in a Verification Binder, which validates the school’s educational credentials and certification.

For further information concerning the Policies and Procedures of NAPTI, contact the Administrative Office and request the NAPTI Membership Guide.