The National Association of Private Theological Institutions (NAPTI) is a non-profit, religious and educational organization dedicated to the regulation, implementation and enforcement of standards for Christian Schools, Bible Institutes, Schools of Ministry, Schools of Divinity, Colleges, Universities and Seminaries throughout the United States and abroad. Our mission is to create a multi-national organization, which provides the following services to member educational institutions:

1. Create an organization of fellowship and cooperation among various schools of religious learning, fostering mutual respect, honor and recognition.
2. Design and implement guidelines by which member institutions operate and provide education in academic and religious circles.
3. Promote standards of excellence for member institutions, while affording members a level of autonomy in methods of teaching and design of programs of curriculum.
4. Certify and register in a national database, those members which maintain the standards of NAPTI and are in compliance with the Holy Scriptures.

NAPTI, as a Certification and Endorsement Agency enforces rules and regulations by which all members abide by. This certification is provided to institutions which promote the study of the Holy Scriptures, as well as provide academic, intellectual and practical training.

NAPTI is a non-denominational/inter-denominational body, which endorses the standards of the Christian faith without promoting and/or endorsing any particular denomination, sect or group of people. Membership in NAPTI is based on a willingness to be guided in organizational and programmatic activities. Therefore, membership in NAPTI is open to any group of Christians, which operate an educational institute, despite race, age, sex, creed, color, national origin, physical handicap or political beliefs.