Welcome to the official web site of the National Association of Private Theological Institutions (NAPTI). Our association is leading the way in quality, Ecclesiastically Endorsed programs of education. As an “inter-communion” of educational organizations, we provide recognition, validation and acceptance among peers in Theological/Religious education.

The National Association of Private Theological Institutions serves as a mechanism of Recognition, Peer Evaluation, Certification and Ecclesiastic Endorsement for private Bible Colleges, Christian Universities and Seminaries throughout the United States and abroad.

NAPTI offers the following:

  1. Three levels of membership (Approved, Candidate and Certified)
  2. State Religious Exemption and Authorization assistance
  3. Certification status for private Christian Universities, Bible Colleges and Seminaries
  4. Curriculum and program design assistance
  5. Professional Educators Certification
  6. Professional Forums and Seminars
  7. Document design assistance (Transcripts, Diplomas)
  8. Discounted Textbooks and products
  9. Discounted Academic Regalia

NAPTI is a vital force in private, non-secular education ranging from local Bible Institutes to University level academia. We are here to assist, evaluate, promote and endorse non-governmental, private education. It is our firm belief that there is separation between Church and State, and have taken the position of unification among private educational institutions.

NAPTI is not an “Accrediting Association,” rather an Ecclesiastic Certification and Endorsement agency, which recognizes and endorses private Christian schools and promotes quality, excellence and freedom in theological education. We strive to offer our members recognition that is accepted world-wide among various religious groups and educational institutions.

NAPTI provides not only recognition and acceptance, but also a myriad of vital resources which may be used by all members to enrich and promote their various educational programs. We are a private, religious organization, promoting fellowship, unity and respect among peers.