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Certification and Endorsement for Private Christian Bible Institutes, Bible Colleges, Seminaries and Universities

NAPTI is committed to excellence in Christian Education. We are dedicated to assisting our members gain the required Religious Exemption needed to legally operate a degree granting institution, including, but not limited to assistance in gaining the proper State Licensure, Religious Exemption and state authorization to legally operate.

Currently, NAPTI offers its members the following:

  • Spiritual fellowship, mutual encouragement, technical assistance, and professional information-sharing among member schools.
  • Assistance in legally registering/incorporating a degree granting institution in a state that provides Religious Exemption and/or Licensensure.
  • Facilitation of seminars, clinics and workshops that inform, enlighten and empower independent Christian schools with practical, leagal and technical information and available services and resources.
  • An independent Certification Committee to evaluate and to certify Christian colleges, universities and seminaries.

NAPTI will assist member institutions in legally incorporating and/or registering in a state that provides for the separation of Church and State, as well as for the provision of legal authorization to operate a degree granting institution in such state.

NOTE: A Religious Exemption is granted to a school that qualifies for Religious Exemption, and whose programs and curriculum are stablished for the sole purpose of issuing credentials to men and women as certified, licensed and ordained professional ministers and/or Church leaders.


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