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Certification and Endorsement for Private Christian Bible Institutes, Bible Colleges, Seminaries and Universities


NAPTI is pleased to extend the benefits of Ecclesiastic Endorsement to all member schools and institutions. As an autocephalous accrediting agency, NAPTI has received recognition and endorsement from several denominational bodies, which affords universal acceptance and recognition amongst the various church and inter-church educational groups.

NAPTI currently holds valid and recognized endorsements through Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal and Presbyterian bodies. Additionally, NAPTI also holds recognition and endorsement through many other independent, autonomous and autocephalous religious organizations.

While denominational and dogmatic theology, policies and practices vary, NAPTI ensures that standard religious and academic regulations are valued and accepted by all member institutions. All member institutes, especially those of higher education are required to accept the credits, diplomas and degrees awarded by member institutions, leaving only the required “denominational” course work to be completed by the student.

The National Association of Theological Institutions has received Ecclesiastic Endorsements from the following church/inter-church organizations:

Abundant Harvest Apostolic Church
The Apostolic Anglican Church
The Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches
The Archdiocese of St. Paul the Apostle
The Archdiocese of the Mid-West
The Catholic Episcopal Church of Christ
The Church of Christ
The Church of God
The Continental Baptist Church Fellowship

The Dwelling Place of God Christian Fellowship Church
The Ecumenical Apostolic Church Diocese
The Foursquare Church
The Full Gospel Missionary Church
The International Baptist Church Conference
The International Church of Baptized Believers
The International Communion of Catholic Churches
The International Fellowship of United Apostolic Churches
The Latin American Anglican Church
The Kingdom Harvest International Ministries<February 26, 2019hip
The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church - US Province
The Pentecostal Holiness Church of America
The Pentecostal Holiness Churches of Christ International
The United Afrikan Church of America
The United Apostolic African Assemblies of the World
The United Apostolic Church International
The United Assemblies of Christ International
The United Gospel Churches International
The World Christian Ministries Association
The World Apostolic Fellowship


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