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Certification and Endorsement for Private Christian Bible Institutes, Bible Colleges, Seminaries and Universities


Anglican School of Divinity
Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches

The Mst. Rev.++D. E. Chase, Ph.D., OSP
The Mst. Rev.++J. P. Johnston, Th.D.

Institute of Biblical Studies (Chicago)

Dr. D. C. Penn

Manna College of Theology

Dr. D. Savage
Dr. O. Burnette

Metropolitan Christian University

Dr. D. E. Chase
Dr. D. M. Golphin
Dr. J. P. Johnston

NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary

Dr. F. Garofalo

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Bible College & Seminary

Dr. H. J. Sloan

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Christian Academy

Dr. H. J. Sloan

Safe Haven Interdenominational Bible Institute

Dr. H. Stancil

School of Religious Studies & College of Bible & Religion

Dr. L. C. Harris

Saint Paul Christian University

Dr. C. R. Hill

University of World Christian Ministries Association

Dr. D. Briggs

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